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About us


is one of the largest recreation and fishing depots in Northern Norway. It is located on the island of Andøya (the northernmost island in the Vesterålen archipelago), in the picturesque valley of Skarsteindalen. The island is famous for its unique geographical features – the ocean drops straight down to 2500 meters just off the island’s coast, creating a wall nurtured by the prevailing warmth of the Gulf Stream. Such conditions are very favourable for plankton growth and, therefore, all sorts of fish, birds and whales. In winter, this is one of the best places in the world to see aurora borealis (more commonly known as the Northern Lights), a fantastic astronomical phenomenon that leaves everybody breathless.

The island of Andøya is the perfect place to take a vacation, whether you are a hard-bitten fisherman, nature-lover, or adventure-seeking traveller. The NORD FISH recreation and fishing depot offers a full range of services for a remarkable vacation: luxurious accommodations in 2-bedroom suites equipped with showers, dining rooms and kitchens, all meals included, a variety of outdoor activities, boat and fishing equipment rental, guide and transportation services, and many other services. The island’s amazing natural beauty, the Atlantic waters full of marine life, whale-watching tours with fantastic opportunities to spot many dolphin and whale species including orca (killer whales), crystal-clear mountain lakes teeming with trout, snow-capped mountains, valleys awaiting berry and mushroom pickers, cosy towns and friendly, good-hearted people will make you fall in love with the island over and over again. Let us take care of your vacation and we’ll make it one to remember!


  • No need to use ferries! You can reach us by car across the bridges.

  • English speaking staff.

  • Fishing season lasts from March to September.

  • Fishing places are located within a radius of about 10 km from the port, you can fish both in the open ocean and in the fjord, as well as in many lakes of the island.

  • The average fishing depth is about 35 m, the bottom is sparsely grassy and in many places sandy – an ideal place for a large population of Atlantic halibut.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all apartments.

  • An excellent place for fishing, family holidays, corporate conferences and sightseeing tourism.

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